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Is Lack of Sleep Taking The Bounce Out of Your Step? The Zing Out of Your Life? Is It Wearing You Down? 

OK, it’s that time of night, time to settle into your cosy bed & drift-off  into the luxurious world of sleep..

It’s not happening! Sleep won’t come! What to do?

I’ll bet that, like I once did, you’ve tried everything, every ‘online cure’ that claims to be able to put you to sleep within minutes: deep relaxation exercises, hypnotic audio tapes, etc. You’ve probably even tried closing your eyes and reciting the alphabet backwards, or counting every sheep, yack, elephant and dinosaur your mind could conjure. Or read every “How to Get to Sleep” book from cover to cover for the second time; listened to every “How to Conquer Insomnia” CD’s  you’ve bought online.

Maybe you’ve even tried counting all the money you’ve spent buying all these ‘How to Get to Sleep’ products online?

The Pros & Cons of Sleep Medication?

My Story: After battling sleep deprivation since my late teens, finally, at the age of 27, I relented and paid a visit to my local doctor. After telling him my symptoms he immediately scribbled out a prescription for sleep medication and handed it to me. Right off the medication worked! And I was over the moon.. ..but then, after taking the medication every night for several weeks, I began waking the following morning feeling drowsy and listless, not wanting to get out of bed. And although I did continue taking the medication for a month or so – eventually the lethargic side-affects really started getting the better of me, both at work and socially. And that’s when I began using the medication intermittently, mainly when I’d had a particularly bad run of sleepless nights. Then I stopped taking the medication altogether.

One Too Many Nightcaps Later..

It’s maybe a year later and I’m still suffering from insomnia. During the early hours of the morning I’m browsing the internet, looking for a possible solution to my ‘lack of sleep’ dilemma, when I come across a website claiming to have a treatment guaranteed to cure insomnia. (Remember, I’d already sworn off spending any more money buying online products that claim to be able to ‘cure insomnia’) Even though this particular product was offering a 60 day money back guarantee, I was unwilling to break the promise I’d made to myself, so I bookmarked the webpage and poured myself another nightcap..

What Worked for Me..

A few weeks and one too many nightcaps later – it’s 4 AM, I’m wide awake and online scrutinising the website that offered the insomnia cure with the 60 day money back guarantee.

Although still skeptical, this time, so much of what the fellow who put the website together was saying started making sense to me. Then after reading this one testimonial from a young Australian mother, talking about how she cured her sleep problem, I decided to give the product a try. “I was a bit skeptical at first and didn’t know what I was getting myself into..” said Erin Pearson (you can continue reading Erin’s testimonial HERE). 

Look, when it comes to how I overcame my lack of sleep dilemma I tend to get excited and ramble on a bit, so maybe it would be better if you read (as I did) Erin’s testimonial yourself? Maybe you’ll be as impressed as I was and want to give SLEEPTRACKS a try?

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Facts About Sleep Deprevation

sleep deprived couple

Facts about sleep deprivation – or should I say the ‘lack of sleep: 

Humans beings spend around 1/3 of their existence asleep, which means that between the cradle and the grave the majority of us will spend between 20 and 30 years sleeping – and by the majority of us, I’m talking about every human who doesn’t suffer from a sleep disorder. So, if ordinary humans spend one third of their lives asleep, is it any wonder why so many suffering insomnia are willing to go to (almost) any extreme to catch a few ZZZ’s?

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